Episode 15: Children of Men

Gavia and Morgan go deep on one of their favorite films, Alfonso Cuarón's 2006 dystopian quasi-thriller Children of Men. On top of some fond reminiscing and general enthusiasm, they consider the film's technical mastery, how its political commentary has aged, and the glory of Clive Owen at his peak.

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Wesley Morris' review of the film in the Boston Globe, which Morgan almost certainly read at the time:

In Cuarón's visionary refraction of now, this London is Camp X-Ray, Abu Ghraib, Baghdad, Beirut, Detroit, the seething id of a paranoid, polluted Western dystopia. In Cuarón's allegory, this is the sort of fascist nightmare that world leaders say they're trying to protect us from.

The Globe's 2006 Oscar predictions, which Morgan definitely read in an actual newspaper while sitting at her kitchen table, still miraculously on the internet.

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